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What You Need To Know When Buying Weed


Buying Some Herb?

Marijuana laws are tricky. Take the time to educate yourself as part of being a responsible adult. For people over the age of 21 looking to learn about these laws please consult with credible sources such as NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) or even your local government: Colorado.gov

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What is HighPlantLowPrice.com?

Perhaps you smoked a little reefer and missed our about section 😉

Where can I buy Cannabis in Colorado?

At any licensed dispensary. Medical cards are needed for medical marijuana.

Are all products from each weed store listed ?

Not at all. Current specials and deals are the only items listed on HighPlantLowPrice.com

Can I order online from these stores?


How much can I purchase while at a dispensary?

ALL adults over 21 may purchase up to 1oz. (28 grams) at a time.

*Previously, non residents were only able to purchase up to 1/4 (7 grams) at a time.

Can I bring some home with me?

It is illegal under federal law to carry marijuana outside of a state where the plant is legal. Note that it is also illegal to fly with marijuana even if your flight remains in Colorado.

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